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TGB Partout! Lots of parts
« on: August 28, 2012, 11:03:08 PM »
Hey guys, I am building a Honda Ruckus and I swapped my GY6 engine from my TGB Laser R9 303R, or whatever else you may call it, into my Honda Ruckus. So now I have all of the extra parts left over from my TGB. It was a complete bike minus the following parts... Engine, wiring harness, rear shocks, front and rear wheels. I think that is all, and I have everything else for sale.


The entire bike is completely stripped down to the frame

Here is a brief list of the parts I still have. If you need something I do not have listed then just ask, I probably have it, but forgot to list it.

All body panels and plastics(Black/gray) are available at this time.
tail light
front shocks
Speedo and fuel gauges
All switches, ignition, turn signal, headlight, etc...
turn signals, front and rear
Seat latch, lock, and cable
gas tank and gold bracket
rear brake cable
throttle cable
foot pegs
battery box
frame brackets
transmission cooling snorkel
center stand
air control purge tanks
round vacuum fuel pump
grab bars(silver)
alarm system(cracked case, no FOB)
metal floor boards

I am sure there is more that I am forgetting, so just ask if you need something

I accept paypal, and cash if you are local. I live in Las Vegas, and travel to Phoenix every couple months, and California a few times a year when possible.

If you have trouble reaching me here then I can be found on as well. I can post pictures if you are interested in something in particular.
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Re: TGB Partout! Lots of parts
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I sent you an email im interested in whole airbox unit and battery cover lid let me know if u got my email and really can use the metioned parts described above thanks bro