Author Topic: 2006 TGB Laser r5 bogging under WOT or sometimes even half throttle.  (Read 1438 times)

2006 tgb r5 laser

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Hi guys i'm new to the site  8). I have a 2006 TGB R5 Laser that I got about a week ago from a neighbor for almost free, he thought it would need a bunch of work to get it running but we had it running the same night. The first night we got it to work great it had full acceleration and according to the speedometer i was going 43+ on my short stretch of flat street in front of my house. the next day and so on I couldn't get it to ride without bogging down at full throttle and i was barely getting it pass 30mph . I have a new plug, we also cleaned out all of the old oil and cleaned the carb really good but still the same results. Now I really don't know what the problem is. Can anyone help me? I also took the airbox apart and made sure it wasn't clogged and fully connected. I checked my rollers the other day and they had flatspots and they weighed about 8.7 grams im guessing they were 9 gram before they wore out. Could the flatspots in the rollers be causing this?

2006 tgb r5 laser

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Also I tried to remove the ring near the variator but it had already been taken out.


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Re: 2006 TGB Laser r5 bogging under WOT or sometimes even half throttle.
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You first item to check would be fuel filter. Take note if you have substantial air leak just prior to intake between air box tube to carb intake it may cause inefficient backpressure. Worse yet if your running a performance intake filter on oem carb it may cause same issue. Lack of backpressure messes up the fuel/air ratio and causes severe bogging/starving of engine to the point of bringing the engine back to idle or stalling. Worse scenario is if you take it on a test drive without the airbox on it for some other reason this is a perfect condition for bogging. It is designed for a designated amount of restriction.