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Full throttle when starting
« on: July 13, 2015, 11:03:36 AM »
Ok here's the situation. If anyone can help PLEASE do, I'm going nuts.
I picked up a 2009 Key West and it started but would die as soon as I twisted the throttle. So my buddy and I took it apart and cleaned the carb. After putting it all back together I started it and it seems to be stuck at full throttle. I've checked the throttle cable and it did seem to need a new one so I ordered a new one. The cable it has on it now has 2 connectors, one at the grip and one at the carb. The one I received has 3 and I can't figure out where the 3rd would go. There is nowhere to connect it at the oil pump that I can see.
Also when we took the throttle connection off at the carb the valve seemed to be really tight, maybe an issue?
Any advice would be appreciated.