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TGB 202
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:15:32 AM »

New here just wondering if anyone has had same issues/problems we've experienced.

Got the lad TGB 202 49cc 63 plate and had quite a few issues with it but finally getting it sorted and the guy who's sorting it has said that water has managed to get into the system via the fuel filler cap.

The filler cap on this model is located visible behind the seat externally which is open to the elements and from what I gather the previous owner has somehow allowed the water that has gathered there into the fuel tank and it's messed the system up.

Has anyone else had the same issues? Also if so is there some sort of fix for this as i'm told it's a common problem, is it?

Can anyone help? Or shed light on the situation


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Re: TGB 202
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Re: TGB 202
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never seen that issue and im a TGB dealer and live in the PNW
where it rains all the time.
 you might try putting a plastic baggie and a rubber band on your gas cap and see if that stops the issue

 more than likely its water in the ethanol 


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